Instructions on Placing an Order

Therrace Healthcare is committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience for our customers, beginning with our user-friendly website. Our team of highly skilled specialists has made every effort to ensure that searching for products and placing orders is simple and efficient, while meeting current IT trends. We strive to ensure that every drug consumer is completely satisfied with the quality of our service. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our support specialists 24/7.

1. Choosing products

To purchase medicines, it is important to take all necessary precautions to ensure that the selected drug does not harm your health. If you are considering purchasing any prescription medications, it is imperative that you discuss it with your doctor. We strongly recommend getting a prescription from your doctor before placing an order.

To find the medicine you need, you can either browse our catalog or use the search bar. If you are looking for a generic, search by the name of the active ingredient.

2. Adding products to a cart

Before adding any product to your cart, it is best to review the information presented on its page, such as indications, contraindications, effects, formula, and interactions with other drugs. When choosing the dosage and quantity, keep in mind that larger packages are usually sold at more attractive prices, so consider placing a wholesale order if you require a long-term treatment course.

3. Filling in the prescription questionnaire

If you do not have a prescription from your doctor, you can obtain one from our licensed pharmacist. This will help you avoid the health risks associated with self-treatment. To select the suitable product and dosage for you, our specialist will need comprehensive information about your health status and the medicines you are currently taking. Therefore, it is important to fill out the prescription questionnaire scrupulously and provide all relevant information. Our pharmacist will process your request within a few hours. If you have a valid prescription, you are welcome to send it to us.

4. Filling in the checkout form

The checkout form is quick to fill out and requires only basic information. We offer worldwide shipping through leading shipping companies that provide top-quality services. You can rest assured that your package will be delivered in its entirety and good condition within the specified time frame. For payment processing, we use the latest technologies to ensure that your money and personal information are absolutely secure. If you do not find a suitable payment or shipping method, please contact our support team.

5. Confirming the order and getting the confirmation letter

We regularly conduct sales and other promotional activities, so if you have a bonus or discount code, be sure to use it when placing your order. Before confirming your order, review the data you have entered carefully. After we process your order, we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. Use it to monitor the movement of your package.

If you have any difficulties finding the medicines you need or placing an order, our experienced pharmacists are available around the clock. You can contact them by email or phone for assistance.

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