Medicare and Medicaid


The nursing staff at the Terrace Healthcare Center will assess each resident on the day of admission or as a condition change warrants, to determine Medicare eligibility. Our nurses have been carefully trained to make these decisions and they keep aware of changes in federal guidelines regarding Medicare coverage.

If a resident is eligible for Medicare, then the payment rules are:

1. Maximum covered Medicare days in a nursing home are 100 days per spell of illness.

2. Days 1 – 20: Full coverage;
Days 21 – 100: Co-payment required

A full month’s security deposit and the remainder of the month’s daily room rate will be due when Medicare coverage is discontinued or exhausted. Medicare does not pay for custodial care in a nursing home.

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Medicaid has eligibility limits and must be approved by the County of Residence prior to being accepted as a method of payment at this nursing home. If you, or your loved one, is presently covered under Medicaid, your county Department of Social Services will establish a budget for you and inform you about allowable income and resources. A $50.00 per month personal allowance is always set for a nursing home resident. These funds may be deposited in a personal account here at the Terrace Healthcare Center, and can be used to pay for personal items for the resident.

Applicants with approved Medicaid will not be required to pay a security deposit. If the applicant is not covered by Medicaid but seems to be eligible, please contact our Social Worker for help with the application. It is necessary for us to consider all residents as privately paying until their Medicaid application has been approved by their County of Residence. Therefore, it is to your advantage to work closely with the Social Worker and Business Office when you think you or your loved one might be eligible for Medicaid.

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