The occupational therapist is helping the patient to walk

Terrace Healthcare Center is an established nursing home in Bronx, NY.

The facility’s nursing department philosophy is to provide our residents with compassionate and loving care, which is provided by our long-term employees.

The nursing department works collaboratively with all facility departments to provide restorative care, palliative care or long term care which enhances the lives of our residents. Our Nursing Department works closely with our Rehabilitation Department to ensure that we are maximizing our resident’s potential for quality of life.

Independence, Dignity and Respect are the corner stone of the nursing department. We believe that there is no reason why nursing home placement should be allowed to diminish a resident’s sense of privacy, choice or freedom.

Terrace Healthcare provides a nurturing environment where our residents can age with dignity and specialized services provided by our highly skilled and compassionate nursing staff. Love, laughter and compassion abound in the Nursing Department as our clinicians understand that the quality of care not only depends upon medical expertise but also on how that care is delivered The nursing staff maximizes the independence of the resident while providing quality of life and quality of care in our friendly and homelike facility.

2678 Kingsbridge Terrace, Bronx, NY 10463
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